your closeness has helped us to grow

Happy New Year to all,
all the students, teachers, employees and I - myself - we all thank you for your donations
Which have served us to keep high the school standards.

Thanks to these donations we have improved and increased the equipment of the laboratories, made the classrooms more accessible and completed some absolutely necessary works such as the new well for water and solar panels.
There would still be many things to be completed to keep the school's efficiency high, such as hiring other teachers and paying those alumni who collaborate without being able to be adequately paid.
I rely heavily on your generosity.
We are well aware that the world situation has caused great problems to everyone, even our school has had to interrupt the lectures without being able to use remote classes, resulting in the interruption of shares.


However, we have organized some outdoor lessons (outside the school in order not to incur penalties) which were followed with great passion and strictly respecting safety regulations.
In our reality this was a great result because it confirmed the attachment of the students and their families to our school and the results they are achieving.
Unfortunately, the bureaucracy and the envy of other institutions have created considerable problems for us.
I had to fight hard to overcome them and ... ..I made it.

We have also had great satisfaction from them.

One of our students -NIPUN CHOUDHARY
who is attending the 10th course, has won a national competition: the INSPIRE SCIENCE AWARD
(attended by all Indian schools)
This happened on 14-10-2020 and the results were communicated on 25-12-2020 with a prize of 10,000 rupees (even if in India we don't celebrate Christmas it's a great gift!)
January 26 was Indian Republic Day.
As per our tradition, various events reserved for children were held in the largest state school in the region.

We have achieved excellent results, we have been recognized as the best !!!!
. JIYA YDAV won the first prize of the group 5/8 year-old-group
. KAVENDRA CHOUDARAY won the second prize of the 5/11 year-old-group
. PRIYA CHOUDAHRAY won the third prize of the 5/11 year-old-group
. PRIYA YADAV won the first prize of the group 12/18 year-old-group
. SONU CHOUDHARY won the second prize of the 11/18 year-old-group
These results in our area have been a further affirmation of the quality we offer
The latest news and the most important is that we have obtained ONLUS approval

With love
Raj Singh Taxak

"To make a society better the basic thing is education and in order to fullfit this, the society should be an Educational Society"
Raj Singh Taxak

"In 2003 I accompanied a group of Italian tourists to visit Rajasthan
Angelo Gregotti and his wife Marilù, their daughter Chiara, Mrs Fiorenza Milesi with their daughter Federica with her husband Niccolo 'Benvenuti.

During the transfer trips I spoke at length with Angelo of my desire to do something to help the local population improve and that the school was the only means.

Angelo's mother had started a similar thing in Africa that had worked well and the population had benefited greatly, so Angelo was very interested in the project.

Our travel program included a visit to Gujrat, a small town in Pakistan, but in those days it was hit by a devastating earthquake.
My group had decided to make a certain sum available to help the affected population, but a very particular bureaucracy had set unacceptable conditions.

Angelo and Fiorenza quickly decided to carry out my project, starting to finance it.
I chose about 170 km from Delhi to Mothuka (Rajasthan). a remote village without electricity, water and not served by any public transport, an area of ​​about 5,000 square meters.

At the beginning the funds were not enough, but first with the help of my father and later with the funds that made me have Angelo, I started the construction of the first eight classrooms and fence the borders.
With new investments sent to me by Federica and her mother, another eight classrooms were built.

Many bureaucratic difficulties, allowed by the education department that delayed beyond all limits, and the distrust of people and local authorities who thought that the purpose of the school was to make "money»

It was a very difficult period and finally when they realized that the aim was only to offer education, the school was able to start.
The first year 35 students with 2 teachers were enrolled, after 3 years the students were about 240.

The expenses to finish the building, the furnishings of the classrooms and laboratories, the library, the purchase of two buses, etc. they were increasingly large but Angelo and some other benefactors made sure that the work could be completed.

We also opened a dental clinic with the collaboration of a group of doctors from Verona who in addition to the equipment dedicated part of their holiday for free.

Today, after 15 years, every day the school continues to provide an ever better education

Now we ask some students to contribute to the expenses and this has been well interpreted, even if in the meantime 10 other English schools have opened, but with a lower level of teaching and higher fees.

Today the G.M. (gregotti milesi) school has received the attestation from the CBSE (ministry of education) that certifies that the students of the G.M. they can attend any type of higher education institution in the world.

This makes us very proud.
The education of girls and boys, the greater awareness of women are the main objective of the school.

Unfortunately our resources are very few, but with the grace of God and with the help of Angelo Gregotti, we will continue our mission."

Raj Singh Taxak
Born in Jat Behror (Rajasthan) a small village.
Degree in Geography University of Delhi 1991, Degree in Italian Language 2000, Degree in Alternative Medicine 2014.
Professional Guide for India Bhutan
Founder and CEO of GM-SCHOOL

We are a non profit NGO which has its registered office in Delhi.

We run a school for the poor and needful section of the society in the rural area of Rajasthan.

We find a reality very different from the what we immagine today about an progressive India.

School Building


Award ceremony at the end of the school year

Baba Bhagwan Dass Educational Society
Village Mothuka - Post Fatehpur - Tehsil Bansur - District Alwar 301402 - Rajasthan INDIA


The study and quality of life of these children depend on the help we can give.

We are certain that you will not be insensitive to these important needs and that you will
help us with this school and the structures that we can create with your help to improve
the lives of these less fortunate people than us.
The needs are many: from the uniforms to the didactic material, from the infrastructures
to the completion of the classrooms, which will have the pleasure to dedicate to your

We ask you a little effort but it is very important for school.

You will have ours and their gratitude for life.
Bank details for your welcome help

IT 05E0521601630000000012596

For any other information.